Barbie Doll History

Barbie Doll History – 1959 to Today


Barbie is one of the most famous doll in  history. Barbies introduction unfolded at the American Toy Fair in NYC in March of 1959 by Ruth & Elliot Handler, Mattel Toys founders.  Collectors everywhere still seek out the original doll that was created out of the idea Ruth got when she viewed the likeness of a famous German doll named Lilly.  An original 1959 1st edition ponytail barbie doll can command thousands of dollars when found in mint in box condition. Barbie has evolved through the years and her history is like a timeline of popular Americana and reflective of cultural change throughout the United States and the world.  Collectors can find ample  information on Barbie doll history

History of the Barbie doll Past and Present

Barbie Doll History

and links to other Barbie facts past and present are located throughout the web and in many books and guides.


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